Party Characters

Party Characters

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Party characters, yes we have over 100 different party characters, so I'm sure we have your child's favorite.  We have several pictures of some of our characters to the right, just click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture of that character.  For a full list of characters just click. 

Cartoon character look alike photos

What do the party characters do?

All our characters:
do a magic effect
give a small gift to the
birthday person
play a game with the children
balloon twisting

Some of our characters:
face painting
while others give stickers
still others do musical singing and dancing shows where they act like they're singing tunes from their theme song

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  ten minute visit option  -  sending a clown along  -  BEWARE  -   cheaper prices 


All our party characters talk in the costume and move around, they don't just stand there like a statue and do nothing.  Be careful because some other places send teenagers out who have no experience and really do not interact or entertain the children.

If you're looking for the party character to  let the kids hug them and perhaps take pictures with, give them a small gift, maybe make a few balloon animals, we have a ten minute appearance that will save you lots of money.  Why pay for a full hour with a cheaper place, when the character doesn't do anything. 

You just as soon get a cardboard cut out of the party character because you'd get more out of the cardboard cut out than some cheap  lazy person who sticks on a costume. That does nothing but ruin the good reputation of

A Amusement Performers


There is even a place that sends a clown along with the party character to do all the work, but the party character does nothing and the "clown" face they put on is amateurish and sometimes downright ugly. 

We offer a clown that goes along as a second entertainer that will sometimes help the party character, but the party character does most of the work themselves.  All our clowns are full time professional clowns and many specialize in different things like face painting

Some of the party characters do face painting (as mentioned above), but because they have limited sight with the head on, they can only do very simple one or two color face painting.

The clowns are award winning face painters and because they are trained and their sight is unobstructed, they are able to do more elaborate detailed face painting.


There are places that do not have an office or business phone line. 
They use a cell phone as their business phone and are not a licensed professional company like us. 
BEWARE there is even a one man operation working in the greater New Orleans area that is a convicted drug felon.

Still others try out the party character business only to decide it is not for them.  They can't handle it.  That happens a lot.  People advertise, but only stay in business for a short time.


Imagine how you'd feel if you sent a deposit to a place only to find out they went out of business.


We are the first original service company doing these types of services in the New Orleans area.  We've been at the same address and location since 1986.  We've had the same phone number for over 21 years (over two decades) and you can confirm that at the court house records and BellSouth. 

  Don't be lured by cheaper prices, you might get burned.

Some of our party characters do not do face painting at all, but that is determined by the costume they are wearing.  Whether or not the hands are attached to the costume; some characters only have three or four fingers and some have no fingers at all, just paws; some party characters costumes are very light and the face paint would ruin the costume.

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